This is a great follow-up tool for someone you have already talked to about our Viv Pro Membership and the benefits you can get as a Viv Pro Consultant. Note that this link goes to the video directly, and not to a lead capture page. On iPhones it will play directly in the text window.


Recommended Elevator Pitch: 

When was the last time you got a flat tire, took a vacation or ran into computer troubles. Have you ever had your identity stollen, or trouble with your credit? What about needing a doctor at the last minute or while you were on vacation? Many people have individual services to help with these things, but they are all scattered and on different apps, multiple phone numbers and web links. We have a membership that gives you access to all of these services and more. It’s called the Viv Pro Membership, and you also get access to travel at wholesales prices up to 50% off rates advertised online! I can show you all the benefits included in just a couple minutes with a video.