Use this link to invite your prospects to a Business Overview webinar with Viv Pacesetter Blaney Teal. Blaney has amazing energy and is especially passionate about supporting female business leaders. She started a business networking group in her hometown, and she loves helping people connect to support one another toward success. Blaney hosts these webinars on Tuesday through Sunday at 8 pm ET, and each webinar is about webinar 20 minutes long.


Recommended Elevator Pitch: 

Hey, I’m so glad you are interested in hearing more about Viv! Here is the webinar I told you about, hosted by Viv Consultant Blaney Teal. Blaney loves bringing people together to help support one another toward success, and that’s really what this business is all about! Her energy is contagious, and I hope you enjoy hearing from her. She hosts these Tuesday through Sunday at 8 pm ET, and the webinar will last about 20 minutes. I can’t wait to hear what you think