Use this link to invite your prospects to the Vision Presentation webinar with Viv CEO Cami Boehme. Cami founded Viv because she believed a company could do well financially and also do good in the world. She shares that vision with your prospects during her webinar, which she hosts Sunday through Thursday at 10 pm ET. Each webinar runs about 25 minutes.


Recommended Elevator Pitch: 

Hey, I’m so glad you are interested in hearing more about Viv! Here is the webinar I told you about, hosted by Viv CEO Cami Boehme. I am always so inspired by Cami, and I hope you are too! She started Viv because she decided that a company could be both for profit AND for purpose, and she’s incredibly passionate about finding ways to make a meaningful difference for others! She hosts these webinars from Sunday through Thursday at 10 pm ET, and each webinar will last about 25 minutes. I can’t wait to hear what you think!