Use this link to invite your prospects to a Business Overview webinar with Viv Platinum Partner Ed Kenny. Ed and his brothers Jim and Brenden were the very first Viv consultants, and they have been supporting and mentoring every one of us every since. Ed hosts these webinars  every day at 9 pm ET, and each webinar is about webinar 25 minutes long.


Recommended Elevator Pitch: 

Hey, I’m so glad you are interested in hearing more about Viv! Here is the webinar I told you about, hosted by Viv Consultant Ed Kenny. Ed and his two brothers were the very first ones to join Viv, and they’ve been supporting and mentoring all of us ever since. I can’t imagine this company without them! Ed hosts these webinars every day at 9 pm ET, and each webinar will last about 25 minutes. I can’t wait to hear what you think!